American singer, Kendal Rhone, smashes today’s music scene as he reintroduces the funk and groove inspired by 80s and 90s music. With his nostalgic style, he creates a peek into the past with a modern twist. His music reflects influences from artists like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Prince, Tina Turner and Beyonce. Kendal Rhone was born on November 26, 1997, and raised in the small town of Uniontown, Alabama. He had a pretty good upbringing despite small challenges. His mother was a single mom who worked a lot to provide for him while his father was incarcerated for most of his life. Therefore, his grandmother and sister took care of him most of the time throughout his childhood. He is the youngest of nine with two sisters from his mom and six siblings from his dad. He always stood out from the bunch. During his school days, Kendal started to evolve into the artist he is today. He began in private school but because he had a strong love for the arts, he aspired to participate in the extracurricular activities that public school offered. He transferred to public school in the 4th grade which was a complete wakeup call! He had to get used to the culture that he experienced but as he got settled in, he started to flourish. By the end of 4th grade, Kendal officially started his journey in the marching band playing the trumpet. He remained a member of the band until he graduated, alternating between being a trumpeter and drum major. However, during the offseason, he sang in the choir, ran track, and was even the school’s mascot. Right before he graduated high school, he added another notch to his belt. Dance was always one of his passions, but it was not offered in his community, so he found a dance studio in Selma, AL that allowed him to take classes. A month later, he auditioned for the Alabama State University (ASU) Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance Program and was accepted as a minor. Throughout his college career, he began self-searching. Kendal arrived at ASU as a Rehabilitation Services major but once he quickly realized that it was not for him, he tried majoring in Marketing. While taking business classes, he kept his minor in dance and started hosting his own dance classes. The marketing program did not allow Kendal to fully grow as an artist, so he felt that it would be best to transfer his talents to the Recording Industry program where he can learn about the music business he always admired. He, finally, felt that he could be himself and evolve into the artist he knew he could become. After getting over the insecurities of his voice, he decided to pursue singing again. He started to take vocal classes, write music, and record songs. Now that Kendal is a college graduate, he is getting ready to break into the industry with his unique flair. He is actively refining his brand, building his publishing company, and soon will be releasing new music for his fans